On March 13, 2017, during an airing of On Point, Tom Ashbrook expressed righteous indignation that President Trump, or anyone, would question media integrity and impartiality; while Ashbrook paradoxically acknowledged a diametric philosophical disparity among media factions which informs the way a story is covered as well as the stories that are covered.

President Trump’s assertion that the media is biased and an enemy of the American people is illustrated on March 16, 2017 by Steve Inskeep who, during an airing of Morning Editionpropagated fundamental misinformation regarding the President’s order on immigration.

Inskeep said that the courts would determine the constitutionality of the order; but the fact is no American court, including the US Supreme, has constitutional power over the executive branch of government. Overriding the president is a power vested only in congress; and is not a remedy at the disposal of the judicial branch.

Under the US Constitution the countries from which immigration has  been restricted by the President’s order must bring suit alleging violation of some ratified treaty or agreement with the US; the US Supreme court would have original jurisdiction to hear the case; and remedies, if any, awarded by the court are limited to remedies provided in the treaty or agreement.

 Media is indirectly an enemy of the American people; but first and foremost it is the enemy of democracy; although it was not always so. When media respected and maintained distinct boundaries between the stories it covered and the medium’s opinions on the subject, Americans felt informed and free to come to their own conclusions. Americans, notwithstanding their political philosophies, trusted media which gave media great power; which it abused.

Media thrives on discord and controversy therefore it has a vested interested in creating and maintaining acrimony both in congress and the general population.

Media is not content just to substitute its opinion for news, it must also control the narrative. It creates labels to categorize people based on their point of view;` and append connotations such as patriotic, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., to establish how these people should be regarded.

In the On Point broadcast, Tom Ashbrook not only alluded that being a “nationalist” is bad, he also implied that being a “white nationalist” is worse; with no place in American society;  despite NPR’s stated position that diversity is a requisite component of American life.

Media constitutes a malevolent, self serving commercial enterprise. It is an insidious plague. It is neither sacrosanct nor principled. It is unethical, unscrupulous and unaccountable for the riots, racial discord and distrust of law enforcement it precipitates; or misapprehensions about our government which it propagates.

This is why media is the enemy of democracy in the United States of America.



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