Donald Trump won the presidential election because he claimed not to be afraid to buck the system; and his unorthodox campaign lent credence to that. However President Trump seems so overwhelmed by some democrats comedy show he has no focus.

The first thing the president needs to do is ignore the Russia investigation. It is a distraction meant to disrupt his administration. He should also  remember his “Apprentice” experience. He needs to fire any and everyone leaking anything to media. If he is unable to identify the person responsible and the department claims ignorance, he should fire the entire department.

At the same time the President should send a letter to US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts. Inasmuch as the power of the judicial branch is vested by the United States Constitution, and defined by The Judiciary Act of 1789 the President should request that the Chief justice cite the authority that empowers the judiciary to micromanage any other branch of government.

The president should insist that Chief Justice Roberts cite the authority which empowers the court to amend, invalidate or otherwise alter any duly enacted legislation or executive order. Inasmuch as no such authorities exist. the president can save time and resources he would otherwise expend entertaining illegitimate lawsuits, which will enable him to focus on doing his job.

It takes testicular fortitude to take on a corrupt judiciary and political savvy to anticipate the court’s retaliation and to be prepared to dispose of its antics.

Can President Trump do it? Only time will tell.


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