sci mar mod

This country has no shortage of people with a desperate need to feel relevant; and the so-called “science community” is just the latest special interest group to exploit those rendered malleable by low self esteem and gullible by ignorance and a lack of critical thinking skills.

“Science”  is not infallible, sacrosanct or above reproach. Science told us that saccharin caused cancer; today it says saccharin is safe. Science told us that Pluto was a planet; today it says Pluto is not a planet. Science told us that marijuana use was harmful and destroyed brain cells; today it supports legalization of recreational marijuana use.

sci mar mod1This sign, which was displayed in one “science march” is just one illustration of the prevailing ignorance of the marchers. Clearly it portends their complete misapprehension of the term “peer review”; which is an esoteric term.  Ostensibly a jury trial is essentially a “peer review”; and as demonstrated in the O.J. Simpson trial, a peer review is not necessarily the result of an objective review of the facts; and in the science community it is just as likely to be an act of reciprocity.

The “science march” is all about preserving the pipeline from the taxpayer coffers to the “science community”; money from which taxpayers will never see a return; money that funds research, the products of which taxpayers reap none of the fruits.

With regard to “climate change” there is absolutely no evidence that anything science has done or proposes to do has averted or alleviated a single severe weather event, arrested the rise in the Earth’s temperature; or has the potential to do so; improved air quality notwithstanding. The battle against “climate change” is not unlike the wars on drugs and poverty; and despite decades of throwing government funds into the so-called wars, drug abuse and poverty persist; as does climate change.

The scientists who marched want job security through continued access to taxpayer money; but most of the marchers were like extras on a movie set, included for show and noise; while deluding themselves they were saving the world.

The so called science community has become more leach than resource and until its relationship with the taxpayer is better and more equitably defined,  the taxpayer funds its receives should be reviewed and reduced or curtailed as appropriate.


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