Day after day. year after year major media puppeteers engage in manipulation of the public and politicians to perpetuate dissension and discord; which media euphemistically refer to as controversy.

Media contrived dichotomies; such as red states/blue states, right/left, extreme right/extreme left. elites/middle class, etc.; and use them to cultivate animosity between politicians, and propagate “he said/she said”; as if it were news, to provoke and instigate while competing to see who can exert the greatest influence over our government; primarily congress and the judiciary.

Every four years, however, media on either side of the dichotomy focus their collective attention on the executive branch to play the game they call “the first one hundred days”.

The “first one hundred days” is an artificial, arbitrary , insignificant milestone media use to pressure the president to act irrationally; and often imprudently, in an attempt to be perceived as fulfilling his or her campaign promises. It is a fool’s folly, without question, but no president, since the inception of the game, has had the testicular fortitude to ignore the press; and anyone else attempting to evaluate them based on one hundred days in office; primarily because they are already preoccupied posturing for reelection.

Media play games, with Americans as game pieces; and as long as politicians lend credence to them by playing along Americans will capitulate to media manipulation; and media games will determine this country’s narrative.


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