Apparently even Donald Trump can be blind to something right in front of his face. There was a time when politicians used the power of the press to propagate their message; but today the media wields its own power to control the government.

There is not a politician in America who does not believe their career can be made or broken by the media manipulating gullible voters; and more often than not it has proven to be true; but not in the case of Trump. Not only did he refuse to appease the media, he accused it of being corrupt; or in his words “fake news”; and got elected President of the United States despite all media efforts to prevent it.

Unfortunately, President Trump failed to appreciate the vindictive nature of the media and the resources at its disposal for exacting retribution. It acts as a megaphone for his antagonists; including erstwhile officials trying to appear relevant; while intimidating or attacking his proponents.

Media’s most effective weapon, however, is Trump himself. His narcissistic personality, over-inflated ego and irrational compulsion to respond to every criticism make him easy prey. The media manipulates or goad him into making inaccurate and or contradictory statements.

President Trump needs to read the US Constitution which states the president is accountable to congress; “not” the media. The Constitution also prohibits congress from enacting legislation infringing freedom of the press/media; but it does not require any government official to talk to the press about anything.

The president can begin to take control of the narrative by defining the scope of all press conferences; and excluding any organizations that refuse to comply. By executive order, he can designate which officials are authorized to speak to the media and what information is appropriate to share ; and implement checks to identify leakers for appropriate action.

Then he should use his touted negotiating skills to persuade congress to make its cases on capitol hill instead of in the media; and he should filter his own tweets through a communications expert well-versed in political communication.

President Trump cannot run the country or control his narrative as long as he allows the media to control him.


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