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Pieces like this make it easy to understand why NPR eliminated its comment section This article is obviously intended to propagate a singular, visceral prospective; unfettered by rational, critical thinking.

Any program designed to ameliorate the consequences of irresponsible behavior rather than correcting the behavior will not only be ineffective, it will also encourage the behavior. It also suggests that these people are like animals; driven by instinct and incapable of self control.

As such it is ludicrous for a third party; like the United States; to borrow from one country to fund such a program in another country Increasing our national debt to perpetuate a problem in another country is the epitome of fraud, waste and abuse; and the President is right in seeking to curtail the practice.

Instead, the affected country should borrow directly from the lending country which would more likely incentivize it to aggressively address the fundamental causes of the problem.

Moreover, NPR’s suppression of opposing points of view is the reason funding for public radio is being reevaluated; because NPR does not serve the general public; just the public that embraces its myopic views.


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