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President Donald Trump promised to “make America great again”, but increasingly it seems he has no idea how to go about it. The US government is fundamentally corrupt, so that any change Trump might manage will prove, at best, ephemeral as long as the corruption persists.

President Trump has twice failed to assert the power of the executive branch and rebuke the judiciary’s contention that it has the power to dictate the activities of any branch of US government other than the judiciary. TRUMP STILL DOESN’T GET IT.

No provision of the United States Constitution or The Judiciary Act of 1789  empowers any court to amend, invalidate or otherwise alter an executive order or duly enacted legislation as a remedy in any case. Also it is improper; and there is no constitutional basis, for any court to decide a case contrary to applicable law because what it believes or presumes to be the rational or motivation behind the law, offends the court.

So the question remains, IS TRUMP SAVVY AND MAN ENOUGH TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN?or is he destined to leave office in 2020 with America as broken as it was in 2016?


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