mark bennett

Mark Bennett, a District Court judge is yet another example of the poor quality of today’s American jurists; particularly on the federal level. In a recent CNN article Bennett reportedly bemoans being constrained by the law; notwithstanding his oath to be so constrained while performing his judicial duties.

The article cites the case of Susan Rice, who is described as a “willing [drug] mule” and driver for a mid-level drug dealer; which suggests that even though this was Rice’s first time facing criminal charges, it was not her first time breaking the law.

The penal system is intended to discourage recidivism and deter others from making bad choices relative to criminal behavior; because ultimately it is each person’s responsibility to contemplate the consequences of engaging in criminal activity, in the event they are caught, before choosing to do so.

Some small parts are integral to the operation of the larger machine. Removing small parts like Susan Rice is  often a necessary component of dismantling the larger drug machine. If Bennett is not up to the task he should leave the bench. If he is so stressed that he cannot appreciate the impropriety of publicly denigrating duly enacted legislation, it is just a matter of time before he, like Vaughn Walker, will refuse to be constrained by the law and or the US Constitution, and simply decide what is just based on his own opinion.


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