dumtrmpDonald Trump is President of the United States. On the way to becoming president he enraged a lot of people; among them Hillary Clinton supporters and the media; all of which are committed to discrediting him and distracting him from doing his job. Unfortunately, media and congress are successfully exploiting his narcissism, and if he follows through with his vow to testify and refute James Comey’s testimony he will be dealing himself into a game he cannot win.

The uncorroborated testimony of a disgruntled, erstwhile employee is not legal evidence of anything. Both congress and the media know this. The purpose of Comey’s testimony was to goad Trump into foregoing “executive privilege” and subject himself to congressional excoriation.

The fact is, even if the President strongly advised or insisted that the FBI director not pursue an investigation, the FBI is a part of the executive branch of government and the President is the head of the executive branch. Contrary to popular belief the FBI is “not” at the disposal of congress. Comey’s obvious failure to appreciate this fact is testament to his unsuitability as FBI director and justifies the President terminating his employment.

Evidence of a crime is prerequisite to a criminal investigation. “Meddling” is not a crime; and even if it were, Russia is the alleged perpetrator; not the President. If an investigation of Russia led to the White House there might be probable cause to investigate the White House; but by an external investigator; not the FBI.

While there was probable cause to investigate Russian hacking of the DNC, there was “nothing” to connect that hacking with criminal corruption of the election process or results. However, using the fact that Hillary Clinton lost as evidence that the election was corrupted presupposes that the outcome had been predetermined; i.e., the fix was in. There is no other reason to doubt the legitimacy of the results.

Trump does not have to rebut Comey, confirm or deny the existence of recordings of conversations with Comey or allow the FBI to engage in this congressional fishing expedition; and he should decline to participate as well.



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