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Shrouded in a cloak of impeccable credentials; and aided by media, Robert Mueller managed to conceal from the general public the fact that he has assumed the role of Ken Starr in yet another unconstitutional and expensive congressional scam being perpetrated on America.

Media has facilitated the deception by propagating nonexistent parallels between the so called Russia investigation and Watergate; when it is actually the spawn of Whitewater, which cost well over $40,000,000.00 with absolutely no return for American taxpayers, but was significantly enriching for Ken Starr.

Ken Starr’s investigation resulted in a conviction for lying about an inappropriate sexual liaison between then President Clinton and a White House intern; but no definitive answers on Whitewater.

Whether Mueller was always fundamentally corrupt or was corrupted by this opportunity to follow in Starr’s footsteps,  in agreeing to participate in this twenty first century edition of the Ken Starr farce, it is clear he is not tethered to the US Constitution nor the law; because he has agreed to investigate even though there is no crime to investigate.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) and its components are under the direct jurisdiction of the Head of the Executive Branch; i.e., the President of the United States. Therefore if the president chose to counsel a subordinate; such as James Comey, on performance and or resource allocations, he was well within his rights There is no legitimate support for an allegation of obstruction of justice.

Moreover,  no one has demonstrated how Russia could have corrupted the election; nor has anyone identified a specific source of the alleged attempt to interfere with the election; which is a prerequisite to identifying any facilitators or co-conspirators in this country.

Further, identifying the Russian perpetrator could just as likely lead to the Clinton campaign as anywhere else but Mueller has not given that possibility any consideration; opting instead to focus on the Trump administration, which belies any claims that Mueller is unbiased, objective or fair.

Clearly Mueller’s objective is to subvert the Trump administration; unjustifiable at the expense of the American taxpayers; perhaps exceeding Starr by tens of millions of dollars.

Inasmuch as the DOJ is paying for Mueller, the President would be well within his rights to terminate his services at anytime he feels it is not cost effective. Congress can then enlist his services and pay his bills; an expenditure Americans may remember come next election.

Americans should not have to pay for months or years of Mueller supplying media with fodder for its talk shows; while depriving Americans, associated with the Trump administration, of their rights to due process, presumption of innocence and fourth amendment protections.

A Trojan Horse has once again breached the gates to feed at the trough of the public coffers. It should be ejected as soon as possible.


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