bernie2Bernie Sanders happened upon the national stage when he managed to worm his way into Hillary Clinton’s limelight during the 2016 presidential campaign. He managed to rally a coalition by repeating terms that resonated with the lost, the class envious and those who ascribed their lots in life to having been victimized by the system.

Having been forced to face the futility of his presidential bid, Sanders has continued to portray himself as integral to the salvation of the downtrodden and disillusioned by cycling his theme of billionaires being the cause of all of their problems. In the instant case it is “tax breaks” for billionaires that cost people their healthcare coverage.

The irony is that whether by Obamacare or a single-payer plan the insurance premiums will go to the billionaires that own the healthcare system and pharmaceutical companies.

Nothing Bernie Sanders proposes has the potential of making healthcare more affordable; it simply changes who pays for it; ultimately, taxpayers; not just billionaires; but this fact is lost on Sanders’ followers.

Sanders is like the dog that is too old to learn new tricks so he will continue to assuage his ego by nurturing animosity between Americans. Unfortunately Sanders is just one of 535 self-serving members of congress who could not care less about the health of this country.


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