2SIDESabMost Americans are intractably ensconced on diametric sides of the healthcare debate; blissfully ignorant of the fact that, regardless of which side they are on, most of them will lose; because regardless of which side “wins” the results are fundamentally the same; billionaires will continue to profit and reward their politicians with “campaign contributions”.

So called Obamacare; nor its proposed replacement, which media call Trumpcare; nor Bernie Sanders’ idea of a single-payer system, address the fundamental healthcare problem which is the cost of healthcare. They all focus on who’s paying rather than who is getting paid.

Obamacare was an arbitration wherein insurance companies agreed to ease some of their restrictions. In exchange, the government would create a revenue stream by forcing Americans to pay insurance premiums directly and through their taxpayer dollars used to subsidize premiums for some Americans; and to expand Medicaid.

Obamacare also removed interstate restrictions from insurance markets to, in theory, increase competition for premium dollars and lower the cost of insurance. It did not, however impose any limits on premiums nor did it oblige insurance companies to compete in all, or any, markets; and it made no attempt whatsoever to control the costs of healthcare.

So called Trumpcare seeks to reduce the burden on taxpayers to maintain the revenue stream to insurance companies; but like Obamacare, it fails to directly address the exorbitant cost of healthcare. So no matter which plan Americans support, the billionaires who monopolize the healthcare industry continue to fleece Americans facilitated by both parties in our government.

The only way to control healthcare costs is with a viable competitor. Americans pay billions of dollars to educate and train  medical professionals in exchange for a relative few years of using their skills in the service of the armed forces; after which they join the healthcare monopoly and sell Americans the benefit of the skills Americans paid to develop; but at exceeding high prices.

Perhaps a method of getting more “bang for taxpayer med school bucks” would be one way to counter the healthcare monopoly; but it would require both sides to stop their 24/7 campaign rhetoric and actually do what we pay them to do; put the best interest of the country ahead of their own self interests and the interests of their campaign contributors.

No matter which side of the healthcare issue Americans are on, they lose; the healthcare and insurance company billionaires win;  and politicians continue to rob Americans by collecting $200k salaries to play tug-of-war and king of the hill; and take vacations under the guise of campaigning, paid for with their “campaign contributions”.



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