No one knows how ignorant someone is until they start talking; and Jamie Raskin has demonstrated that he is prominently numbered among the constitutionally illiterate politicians occupying congress; politicians who win elections, not on merit, but by disparaging other candidates.

Desperate to discredit the Trump administration; both to try and gain control of congress in 2018 and ensure no other outsider; no one not controlled by the party politic; ever wins the White House again; politicians like Raskin posit the most convoluted outrageous notions; and in the process reveal their ignorance and or irreverence for the US Constitution and the laws of the United States.

There is no constitutional basis for Raskin’s call for a so called  fitness commission. The US Constitution provides for the removal of a sitting president if he is “unable”  to execute the duties of his office. In this context, “unfit” and “unable” are not synonymous nor interchangeable.

CNN’s coverage of Raskin’s ludicrous ploy, without acknowledging the lack of constitutional foundation is illustrative of why the President refers to it as a “fake news” organization. In effect CNN is complicit in efforts to discredit the President.

Every politician who is more preoccupied with the removal of the President rather than the business of the country; or touts the sanctity of the congressional party dichotomy over cooperation notwithstanding party affiliation, is an integral part of the dysfunction in congress; and should be voted out as soon as possible.

The preponderance of incompetent politicians, like Raskin, in congress is one of our nations most pressing problems; which must me corrected to restore functionality to this country.


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