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Congress is the preeminent branch of our government. It is the only branch empowered by the US Constitution to make law; to impeach and try any government official, including the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and the President of the United States; to lay and collect taxes; to declare war; to confirm nominees to both the Judicial and Executive branches; and other powers clearly enumerated in the Constitution.

In compensation for their service, each member of Congress receives a minimum of $174,000.00 a year; plus benefits and allowances; tax-free allowances. The majority of Americans would have to “work” at least three to four years to “earn” that much; and all of it taxable.

However, instead of doing the job we pay it to do, congress is engaged in an epic scrimmage for party supremacy on the hill. When they are not taking timeouts for holidays, vacations, fund raising, talk shows, just because they can and campaigning in their home state preceding an election, members of each of the two major political parties spend every hour of every day denigrating the other party in an attempt to manipulate public opinion for the next bi-annual election.

Congress is only as effective as the people who populate it, and right now we have 535 people so incompetent as legislators they think that “case law” is tantamount to legislation; notwithstanding the fact that there is no constitutional basis for the notion and the fact the the Constitution vests “all” legislative power in congress.

Congress has tacitly conferred omnipotence on the supreme court, creating a pernicious entity that imposes its will on the people;which is antithetical to democracy and a violation of the Constitution..

Members of congress are not loyal to Americans. For them Americans are just a means to an end. Americans’ tax dollars afford them a lifestyle most Americans dare not dream. Americans’ tax dollars are used by both parties to wage war against the other with convoluted bogus investigations into promiscuous interns and conjectured election tampering; making multi-millionaire celebrities of people like Ken Starr and Robert Mueller in the process.

Meanwhile we have no sustainable healthcare plan; no clear effective immigration legislation and congress is gearing up to bandy over the debt ceiling; all issues requiring non-partisan; not bipartisan, legislation.

Congress is corrupt; robbing Americans regardless of party. Every American who votes party instead of person is complicit in the corruption. Americans need to stop letting biased media tell them what to think, and try thinking for themselves.



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