Jim_Himes_Official b

Article II of the US Constitution clearly enumerates the powers, duties and responsibilities of the President of the United States. It does not include a requirement or implication that the President entertain or be accessible to the press.

More importantly, the Constitution does not empower congress to amend the duties of the office of the President except as provided in Article V of the Constitution.

It is indeed testament to Jim Himes incompetence as a legislator, that he should even contemplate; much less articulate, the notion that congress could modify the duties of the executive branch without a ratified amendment to the Constitution.

Himes is by no means the only member of congress to demonstrate an egregious misapprehension; if not ignorance, of the US Constitution and its fundamental precepts. He is but one example of the pervasive legislative incompetence in congress.

Congress is populated with lobbyists who know how to win elections but have no clue how to legislate; Himes and those who join in this ridiculous, unconstitutional farce need to be purged if we are to ever restore functionality to the legislative branch.


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