patty jackie

U.S. Senator Patty Murray and U.S. Representative Karen Lorraine Jacqueline Speier (Jackie Speier) are two of an insidious variety of politicians; females who purport to champion women’s rights in order to exploit women in furtherance; of their own ambitions.

Speier professes to be a champion of women’s rights, and she lobbies for legislation to protect women’s rights, but laws do not protect people; they simply provide recourse, after someone has been wronged.

Speier decries Education Secretary Betsy DeVos because DeVos seeks to better understand the dynamics of alleged and actual sexual assaults in college campus communities, in an effort to develop effective preventative measures. Speier opposes prevention because victims are integral to her political career.

Similarly, Patty Murray is advocating for the dismissal of Candice Jackson from the Department of Education because Jackson had the temerity to cite impairment, due to excessive alcohol consumption and or use of other intoxicating substances, as a major factor in an inordinate number of sexual assault complaints. It also makes it difficult to distinguish legitimate complaints from those founded on remorse or retribution.

Both Speier and Murray; U.S. legislators; embrace the view that regardless of how reckless the female’s behavior, she is never to be regarded as complicit in the sex act; placing the onus on the male who in many cases is as impaired as the female; which is a blatant violation of the equal protection clause of the US Constitution.

Speier also attacks DeVos for interfering with Speier’s endeavors to expand her victim pool beyond the social scene into the restrooms and lockers rooms where Speier posits that a convoluted misinterpretation of Title IX grants any sexual predator, dressed as a woman, free access to girls and women when they are most vulnerable to forcible sexual assault; in a locker room shower or on the toilet.

All 535 members of congress are in perpetual campaign mode. Having been reelected in 2016, Murray’s efforts are geared toward acquiring a senate party majority in 2018, while Speier will be up for reelection in that year. They do not care about women’s safety; it is all about party supremacy in congress; and women are just one means to that end. Just because they are females does not mean they are any more empathetic; or less callous or ruthless toward women, than a man might be.


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