Robert Mueller never bothered to pretend that his so called “Russia probe” is anything other than a mission to hobble the Trump administration and render the question of a second term moot. The so called bipartisan support he ostensibly enjoys is simply members of both parties who want Trump gone before he exposes them for the political gamers they are.

If Mueller had any intention of conducting a legitimate investigation he would have begun by establishing the crime he was investigating. “Attempting to meddle in an election” is not a crime unless the attempt is clearly intended to corrupt election results and has the ability to do so.

For example, if an attempt was made to illegally access voting machines and or computers which collect and tabulate votes, that would be a crime and his focus would be on who did it and how.

Then, if  the attack was determined to have originated in another country, and the perpetrator was identified, a legitimate investigation would reveal any facilitators or co-conspirators in the US.

Mueller has not established that the election was corrupted or that any credible attempt was made to access any of the machines integral to the process. Notwithstanding, he propagates innuendo and conjecture that Donald Trump, aided by a foreign power, engaged in some nefarious, illegal activity; and from the onset Mueller has done nothing but investigate the President, his family, his businesses and anyone associated with his campaign or cabinet.

There can be no doubt that Mueller is a hired gun engaged; at taxpayer expense; to, ironically, “meddle in the midterm elections”, by inundating voters with speculation, and conjecture; and attaching nefarious connotations to every aspect of the President’s life and the lives of his associates so that American voters are so suspicious, confused and weary that they will do anything to make it go away.

Mueller is a mercenary; and although he is paid with taxpayer dollars, his loyalty is not to American taxpayers or the country; rather it is to those in congress who have placed those funds at his disposal.




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