Like Eve White people who call themselves transgender are people who have created an alternate persona in order to deal with aspects of reality they find unpleasant or overwhelming. However, whereas Eve’s alternate personas were created involuntarily by her subconscious, many transgender have consciously chosen to reject physical and biological reality, in deference to an alternate reality.

The study of Eve may well have formed a foundation for better understanding; and perhaps treatment of transgender who would prefer to live a normal life, consistent with biological and physical reality; had the American Psychiatric Association (APA) included transgender in its studies of this area.

Unfortunately, members and proponents of a subculture; defined by its devotion to sexual deviancy;  infiltrated the APA, subsumed the transgender component and proceeded to exclude all sexually deviant activities; purported to be victim-less; from legitimate psychiatric study; despite the fact that delusion is the predominate aspect of transgender, not the pursuit of sexual gratification through deviant means which defines the lgbt subculture.

There is insufficient data to determine whether transgender, like Eve, can be stressed to the point of involuntary creation of another persona, which may or may not be loyal to the US. Therefore there was no legitimate basis to deem them suitable for military service; and completely justifies their exclusion from the US military.


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