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American’s inability to think critically; and their tendency to be easily distracted, precludes them from realizing that America is no longer a republic nor a democracy. Americans delude themselves that their voices are being heard when in fact their views are relegated to opinion polls that enable media and politicians to better manipulate them,

sue2Meanwhile, corrupt judges like Susan Bolton abuse the power of the judiciary to impose their will on Americans. Nothing in the United States Constitution or The Judiciary Act of 1789 empowers any court to dictate the operation of any law enforcement agency as a remedy in any case for any reason; notwithstanding, Bolton proceeded  to instruct Sheriff Arpaio not to enforce laws with which she does not agree; and even more egregious, she convicted him of failing to comply with that illegal order.

Bolton is far from the first judge to substitute their opinion for the law. David Bunningbunning illegally incarcerated Kim Davis for violating a court decision in a case to which she was not party. In her official capacity as County Clerk she was abiding by the laws of the state of Kentucky; which were consistent with a congressional Act; but Bunning did not agree with the law, ordered Davis to violate the law, then jailed her when she did not comply with his illegal order. Bunning now surmounts the injustice by issuing another illegal order for the state of Kentucky to pay the plaintiffs’ attorney fees, based on the premise the US Supreme Court (scotus) had legalized marriage between persons of the same gender.

No American court has the power to “legalize” anything. The Constitution vests “all” legislative power in congress; accordingly congress enacted the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); the Constitution vests all judicial power in scotus and mandates that it and all inferior courts decide cases in accordance with the law; not amend, invalidate or otherwise alter the law; simply follow it, as it exist.

Bolton and Bunning are by no means anomalies. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been increasingly less than circumspect in expressing her disdain for the constraints of the Constitution and the law. The corruption is concentrated at the top and permeates the entire judiciary; Vaughn Walker (retired), James Ware (retired), Virginia Phillips, Timothy Garcia; the list goes on.

The only body empowered by the Constitution to remove judges, who refuse to abide by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, is congress, and congress is unlikely to act  unless and until Americans, regardless of political affiliation, force it to. Otherwise we all will sooner or later be subjected to a real life Star Chamber that, rather than attempting to correct miscarriages of justice, will instead pursue; in the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “…an effort to make the equality principle everything the founders would have wanted it to be if they weren’t held back by the society in which they lived.”; patently not a function of the judicial branch; but self evident of an agenda with absolutely no founding in the United State Constitution.


4 thoughts on “CORRUPTION trumps DEMOCRACY

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