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It is increasingly difficult to distinguish National Public Radio (NPR) from a commercial concern; aside from its hand in the public coffers. It purports to be “listener supported”; but like commercial radio, NPR has corporate sponsors; which it calls “supporters”; whose goods and services are promoted throughout NPR broadcasts; and whose philosophical and political views inform the topics covered as well as their prospective and tone; just like commercial radio.

NPR also claims to be an advocate of diversity; however, contrary to what one might expect of  an organization that purports to be journalistic, it is obsequious to guests who embrace its views and confrontational with guests who do not. Moreover, diversity is counter-productive where there is no fundamental common interest. Where self-interest predominates in each component of a diverse coalition, chaos ensues.

NPR was decidedly myopic as a proponent of the lgbt subculture; and in its rebuke of Americans who embrace the biological and psychological realities which invalidated the view NPR chose to propagate.

NPR regards Robert Muelller’s procurement and execution of a search warrant for the property of Paul Manafort as “unusual”, when in fact it is a contravention of the US Constitution  and evidence of  judicial corruption. Only a corrupt judge would issue a search warrant when a crime has yet to be charged; or articulated with sufficient specificity to determine law which prohibits the act.

The Constitution prohibits congress from violating the precepts of the Constitution therefore neither congress nor the judiciary could empower Robert Mueller  to violate an American’s fourth amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

Additionally, NPR professes to have reduced potential ramifications of the so called Russia probe to five questions . However, not one of those questions is the most fundamental question of all. That question is, exactly what is the crime that was committed? The next question would be, if they are convinced that a crime was committed by Russia, exactly who in Russia is suspected of committing the crime? These questions must be answered before a nefarious link can be made to anyone in the US; and that link must be made before any legitimate search warrant can be issued for any American citizen.

NPR does not like President Trump and it has no compunction about skewing the facts to rally its listeners against him; no matter how much it damages our democracy.


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