Ignorance is more binding than Shackles


Ignorance is bliss; and too many Blacks in America are blissfully ignorant of the fact that they are nothing more than pawns in the political games being played in Washington. They are caught between the Leahy’s and Pelosi’s in the main game and the Cory Booker’s and Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in the side game.

Attempts to eviscerate President Trump, by alluding nefarious associations with Russia, have proven to be too convoluted to raise significant Black ire; so Leahy and Pelosi have resorted to racism; the tried and true. The words “confederacy” and “white supremacy” never fail to incite Blacks to abandon any and all sense of reason; irrationally engaging in violent, visceral behavior.

The plan is to place the President in seemingly untenable positions. Leahy would like to portray the President, and the GOP, as supporting white supremacy groups  by daring them to defund ridiculous programs, purported to counter racist groups, even though they did nothing to preempt the Charlottesville incident. If they defund them, Blacks will see them as racist; funding them may be perceived by whites as betrayal.

Pelosi is advocating the removal of confederate statues ostensibly to eliminate all vestiges of America’s unpleasant past; but in reality, it is to the same end as Leahy’s efforts.

If Black American’s were capable of objectively engaging their intellect they would know that what Leahy proposes is a violation of the US Constitution and should be defeated at all costs. The continued erosion of the Constitution by the congress , the judiciary and the Executive  has all but obliterated the boundaries which separate the powers of the federal government; which is exacerbated by media propagating the ridiculous notion that the separation of powers refers to a separation between the powers of the President and components of the Executive branch.

Only President Trump seems to appreciate that if so called white supremacists are motivated by hate, so too are those motivated to confront them. “Hate” is an emotion and nothing in the US Constitution empowers congress to legislate how people can feel, nor is the judiciary empowered to recognize such legislation. The inequality inherent in “hate crime” legislation is expressly prohibited by the Constitution.

So called white supremacists have as much right to their beliefs as Catholics or Evangelicals have to theirs. Unless and until they engage in criminal activity they have the right to the equal protection of the law. Any US legislator would even contemplate abridging or denying that right should be censured, if not impeached and tried.

The supremacy of one race over another is as much a delusion as transgender; neither is supported by empirical, biological evidence. The same laws that protect the transgender delusion must protect both the race supremacy delusion and the right of American’s to reject one or both delusions.

Black American’s will be nothing more than pawns unless and until they decide to free themselves. Knowledge is the key that frees them; knowledge that in all likelihood the Leahy’s and Pelosi’s of congress orchestrated the events in Charlottesville with depraved indifference to who might be injured or killed just to ascribe culpability to the President before the midterm elections; knowledge that as long as either political party owns their vote, that party owns them, and they essentially have no voice; knowledge that marches, demonstrations, riots, etc., are not the way to effect permanent change; and that allowing our federal government to violate the Constitution without compunction or consequence ensures injustice for all.


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