Outrageous because it Patently Contravenes the US Constitution

paxton tx

Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton called a recent court decision on a Texas voting law outrageous; but the fact is that Nelva Gonzales Ramos is just another corrupt judge; nelva ramos.jpgsubstituting her opinion and views for the law. Her propensity to violate the US Constitution without compunction suggests that her appointment is largely due to her race and gender; not her skills as a learned impartial jurist.

Nothing in the US Constitution or The Judiciary Act of 1789 empowers any court to preempt legislation based on speculated or conjectured potential harm; nor a convoluted allegation of wrongful discrimination. In fact no court is empowered to amend, repeal, invalidate or otherwise alter any duly enacted legislation as a remedy in any case for any reason. Remedies at the court’s disposal are limited to those provided by law; and the court has no authority to order remedies of its own choosing.

Judges’ propensity to deviate from prescribed remedies; in deference to their own whims; had; to those of limited foresight; seemingly innocuous beginnings; but judges like Vaughn Walker, backed and encouraged by the 9th Circuit Court, graduated from issuing  humiliating sentences to contravening the US Constitution, The Judiciary Act, the Defense of Marriage Act and the California State Constitution in order to impose his will on others; because absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

Hopefully Paxton has the fortitude to challenge the court’s authority to invalidate and or preempt legislation. If US Attorney General Jeff Sessions will also force the court to cite legislation expressly authorizing the court to dictate the operation of the executive branch or concede it does not exist, we may really be on the road to making America great again by stopping judicial tyranny.

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