Back to Basics to Understand DACA


Deferred Action for Child Arrivals, or DACA is not nor was ever intended to be absolution, a pardon, a resolution, forgiveness or a law. By definition deferred means postponed; a temporary delay of the inevitable.

This deferment was intended to give congress time to enact immigration legislation that addressed the disposition of the illegal aliens in this country who had no part in their illegal introduction into this country; while giving those people time to prepare in the event such legislation resulted in their deportation.

It was unconstitutional for the executive to instruct agencies to act in contravention of enacted legislation; therefore DACA was an illegal order. Notwithstanding, President Trump has extended the benefit of that order giving congress one last chance to legislatively resolve the issue; after which existing law will again be enforce regardless of the effect on all illegal aliens in this country.

The dictionary is still a fairly reliable aid in understanding the language of this country.


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