Time for Mueller to Go


Not only is it time for Mueller to go, it is also time to redefine or repeal the concept of a so called “special prosecutor”; in that it is nothing more than a device for the minority party in congress to harass and antagonize the majority party while violating the constitutional rights of Americans affiliated with the majority party.

Ken Starr was the GOP’s attempt to discredit President Bill Clinton. It cost American taxpayers over $40,000,000.00; and all he proved was that a promiscuous White House intern, who was in league with a disgruntled White House employee, was orally servicing the President, and the President was inclined to lie about a sexual indiscretion. Lying was the only offense of which the President was found guilty.

Now democrats think, since turnabout is fair play, it is their turn so they have unleashed Robert Mueller who has demonstrated that he believes himself to be above the law and not subject to the constraints of the US Constitution; convening grand juries, conducting searches and seizing property in blatant violation of the fourth and sixth amendment rights of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.

President Trump never agreed to play this special prosecutor game nor is he obliged to capitulate to it; however, democrats are threatening to retaliate should he interfere with their game by discharging Mueller.

The Constitution vests “all executive power” in the President of the United States which means the President can discharge anyone within the executive branch for any reason; except as  prohibited by Title VII; and is not accountable to any other branch of government for doing so.

The American people voted; the electoral college voted; there is no evidence that either vote was criminally compromised or changed; nor that the results were corrupted, therefore there was never any justifiable grounds for appointment of a “special prosecutor”. The reason Americans voted as they did is irrelevant. Simply because the loser is incredulous about the results does not warrant an investigation.

Many other countries attempted to influence the election in favor of Hillary Clinton, including the UK, Puerto Rico and the mayor of London. It was no more illegal for them to do so than it was for Russia; assuming Russia did so.

The question is does the President have the testicular fortitude to wield his constitutional power to preserve and defend the Constitution as he promised to do?

Two of the five living former presidents served only one term although all five spent their first terms posturing for a second. By doing the right thing President Trump could join the one termers or just as likely the two termers. The same is true if he does not do the right thing. Either way, the right thing to do is stop this travesty of justice and desecration of the Constitution and terminate the services of Robert Mueller.

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