Some Women Just Do Not Know Where They Belong

Ohio Rachael2

There is a common misconception, propagated by certain coalitions of women, that women belong wherever men are; which is demonstrably untrue. For myriad reasons, most people, regardless of gender or race, do not belong everywhere; Anthony Scaramucci in the White House as Communications Director, for example.

Despite desires, aspirations, credentials or skills, people who are unable to adapt to and navigate a particular environment do not belong in that environment, and are destined to fail. Unfortunately, the current trend, for many people, such as Rachel Crooks (pictured above) is to ascribe their failings to others; and seek public office as recompense; again insinuating themselves into environments for which they are patently not suited; but where their incompetence would be obscured by the rampant incompetence and corruption which pervades American politics. Elizabeth Warren is a classic example of this phenomenon.

Laws do not protect people or prevent crime; they only define rights and boundaries for those inclined to respect them; and provide remediation when those boundaries are transgressed.

Rachel Crooks hopes to catapult herself into the Ohio legislature by violating President Trump’s constitutional rights; and statutory limits. She says, “I think my voice should have been heard then…”; “then” being 2005; but there is no evidence she ever raised her voice within the New York statutory limit, so there was no way for it to be heard.

In all likelihood she did not file a complaint because it was not in her best interest to do so at the time; potentially constituting tacit consent, assuming the incident even occurred. Now, more than a decade after expiration of the statutory period, she makes unsubstantiated allegations; clearly contravening another American’s fifth and sixth amendment rights.

The thing that separates our legislators from the rest of us is their ability to subjugate their personal feelings and aspirations to serve the best interests of all of the people of the state or country they are elected to serve; which means we have over 500 men and women in congress who do not belong there; and there will be one more person in the Ohio state legislature who does not belong there if Rachel Crooks is elected to it.


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