Mueller Executes Trick Play; Ensuring Job Security

mueller l6 w cap
Congress unequivocally certified the 2016 presidential election results; constituting definitive validation. Even so there are people who have never, and will never acknowledge that there is absolutely no evidence that the 2016 presidential election results were corrupted in any way, by anyone.

Certification of the election results means that regardless of why voters voted as they did there was nothing about the casting or counting of votes that would warrant a criminal investigation; nor does incredulity over the results or suspicions that a foreign country may have surreptitiously disseminated its preference through ads or social media.

The president’s inexperience allowed congress to bully the DOJ into appointing Robert Mueller as a special prosecutor to ostensibly investigate “Russian meddling” in the election; but that was just a contrived pretense to justify circumventing the constitutional rights of anyone remotely connected to the president or his campaign in an effort to disrupt and discredit the president and his administration.

Mueller has not and cannot prove that any voters would have voted differently had they not been exposed to so called Russian propaganda; nor, if their vote was changed, whether it was for or against Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

So in a desperate attempt to reinforce the illusion that his so called “Russia probe” is legitimate, Mueller has issued  baseless indictments of Russian nationals; so that those who irrationally subscribe to the Russian interference myth can feel vindicated and continue to support him.

Media is already touting the bogus indictments as validation of Mueller’s activities, because, first and foremost, media is out to destroy President Trump for having the temerity to cite its unprincipled, unscrupulous practices. If any media outlet had the integrity to report the facts, it would inform Americans that congressional certification of the election results means there were no discernible improprieties; criminal or otherwise, that would warrant or justify Mueller’s criminal investigation. Therefore there is no constitutional support for the indictments; nor for Muller’s appointment.

Mueller’s indictment conjuring trick is less than impressive; the real trick will be if he can turn any one of them into a legitimate conviction.


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