Another Self-Serving Racist, Insidiously Oppressing Blacks


Assistant Professor Fredara Hadley recently appeared on an airing of 1A as part of a group assembled to discuss Beyonce. However, during the discussion it becomes clear that Hadley is just another Black person who has chosen the exploitation of Blacks as her path to prosperity. She, like Black politicians, espouses a narrative that oppresses Blacks by cultivating racism.

She alluded that Black assimilation into American society should not be requisite for success, even though assimilation is the only path to true equality and there is no viable alternative.

Her allusion is tantamount to suggesting that minor league players need not be assimilated into the major league to play in a major league game, or that minor league teams should be allowed to compete against major league teams even though by definition they are not qualified to do so; or that “Miss Black America” is a distinction equivalent to “Miss America”, though clearly it is inherently inferior.

Further, Hadley suggests that Blacks should be proud of their “blackness”; presumably as opposed to being ashamed. Conversely, she would aggressively deny any Caucasian the right to express pride in their “whiteness”; as was demonstrated in Charlottesville, Va.

The most egregious aspect about Hadley is that as a so called educator she will have a platform from which to propagate her racist views; perpetuating racism and ensuring she can always make a living as an advocate for Blacks.



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