Lawrence O’Donnell UNWITTINGLY Attests to Senate Corruption

lw lo

On a recent airing of The Last Word, host Lawrence O’Donnell stated that in the trial of President Bill Clinton, 67 Senators consulted opinion polls before deciding how to vote; which means that it was not the evidence or the law that determined Clinton’s fate, rather it was the implication for the senators’ political future.

Although his intent was certainly to warn president Trump that his fate just might be decided by opinion polls, what he did was attests to the fact that democracy in this country has been reduced to mob rule; where by mobs bully self serving politicians to do their bidding.

O’Donnell never touches on the fact that appointing congressional mercenaries is unconstitutional; possibly because he is constitutionally ignorant, biased and lacks journalistic integrity.

It is unfortunate for President Trump that he is not Black, because people like O’Donnell were more than willing to give President Obama a chance, but he has been committed to destroying President Trump since before he was sworn in.


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