Trump, You Have To Be Loyal To Get Loyalty

john kelly trmp

President Trump seems obsessed with self preservation; oblivious to the fact he cannot survive in American politics without a good support team. He has continuously allowed the media to bully him into throwing people who trusted and believed in him, under the bus.

While the media is doing the actual prodding, it is just a tool of Trump’s detractors who have learned just how to push his buttons. They tried to trick him into sitting down with Mueller, but thanks to his savvy lawyers he managed to avoid that trap; for now.

They are now focused on forcing Trump to remove the linchpin of his White House; Chief of Staff John Kelly. If Trump capitulates and ask for or accepts Kelly’s resignation he will become a lame duck.

Failing to stand by Kelly signals to all in his administration that he has no integrity, no loyalty and cannot be trusted. In a larger sense, second guessing his own appointments raises serious questions about his judgement. Further, capitulating to media manipulation and supposed public opinion suggests his leadership ability in the private sector does not transcend into public office.

Kelly has demonstrated his intent to honor his commitment to the President by offering to fall on his sword for him; Trump should reassure him that will not be necessary. There are no Saints among us; no perfect people. Rob Porter was never convicted; and his ex-wives could have merely created a paper trail as leverage. Any woman who remains in a relationship after being called a vulgar pejorative on her honeymoon, clearly has an agenda.

Trump must stop trying to be a rockstar; stop trying to be popular; stop listening to media and bogus polls and just do his job.

Leaders do not lead by deferring to the populace or capitulating to mobs. Leaders decide on a course of action based on the best possible intelligence available to them. Trump must decide whether he is a leader or just enjoys flying on Air Force One.


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